Planting for our Summer Menu

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The heirloom lettuces have been very productive all spring and we are now beginning to use the last of them. The arugula began to flower so we are making pesto, but that was some terrifically dank stuff. ( in a good way). We may plant more soon.  The beets are still going strong and should be producing in a few weeks. The red scallions are delicious raw, grilled or pickled. The peas are taking off, which is interesting since we just tossed some peas in the garden one day when we were shucking and they’re doing great, whereas the  transplants didn’t make it. Now we’re all set with support for the vines. This week we’ll taste the pac choy for the first time.

New for Summer:

About 6 varieties of tomatoes, zucchini and yellow squash, eggplant, sweet red peppers, hot peppers, a few fava beans and lots of basil.


The Lake at 4th Ward Historic Park

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It’s starting to take shape.  The size and scope of it are surprising. Right now it looks like a big gray monster slinking around a huge crater. The people who live at Alta must be thrilled with the way it’s taking shape, as are the rest of us in the neighborhood. I can definitely envision some late morning frisbee tosses up on the green space or just “loungin” (RIP guru) by the lake next Spring.  It’s gonna be soooo cooool…. Check out the park plan here

In other neighborhood good news, City Hall East redevelopment is still on the table, as Jamestown Properties is interested, according to locals in the know. These are the same people who did a great job with White Provisions on the west side.  The OFW is hopping!

Defending Grass Fed Beef .

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Here’s a great piece on grass fed beef from one of the founders of Niman Ranch.

On the menu today: Komatsuna

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Garden and Farm to Table Update

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We’ve got Japanese Mustard Spinach (komatsuna hybrid kojisan), arugula, beets, nasturtiums, red scallions, red leaf lettuce, red and yellow cherry tomatoes. We are  looking forward to a “homegrown” section on our menu in a few weeks or so, as well as a few garden dinners with special guest farmers from around Georgia. See our spring menu here.

Little greens sprouts

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Jeb and I at a recent demo.

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